My Story

As a young 19-year old girl I moved from Europe to Australia - right to the other side of the world. I was terrified, first time living away from my parents, speaking little English, but ready for the adventure. And it’s here in Australia where the next part of my journey began …

After few years living in Australia I met my husband, and after few years together we welcomed into our lives our beautiful daughter. Life changed a lot again.

Also our love for travelling was growing. Since our daughter was born we wanted to travel even more with her, to let her experience the world. So far she has travelled to so many countries, and she only just started the school. She shares the passion for travelling with her parents - that is for sure.

To make my point here, our life journey so far would not be the same without self-development path we got on little over 10 years ago and hard work that followed. It wasn’t always easy (very frustrating at many occasions really), but we immersed ourselves in creating new ways that would allow us to travel more, and create OUR FUTURE ON OUR TERMS.

After trying out few business models, and creating some additional ways to fund our travelling passion (mainly through investing in property), last year I came across online/digital marketing, which I decided to learn more about, as we really did not want to be dependent on location, where we live and where we work in the future. Deciding to get into online marketing was particularly scary for me, as I am not quite a technical type, and I am still learning as I go (and that is ok).

While still keeping my part-time job, which I enjoy and which has added benefit working from home majority of the time, I completed the training with company in online business education niche. The training was really in depth and I learned a lot of new skills. The training program also included my own personal coach assigned at the start of the course to guide me through the whole training.

If you want learn about digital marketing too, if this interests you, to start your own online marketing business, click below to get access to more information about the special 7-day trial offer of this course.

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I personally believe that the first step to get somewhere, to go forward is first to decide that you are not going to stay where you are now, and second that you also action on that decision. See you on the successful side.


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I invite you to reach out to me, I am here to help you and your family in this journey.
Looking forward to speaking to you soon.