If you are in business promoting and selling either your own product, or promoting third party’s product, either way you need the right traffic source to reach your ideal customer.

Through which medium do your reach your prospective buyer, ideal customer?

Well, truth is there is no secret traffic source.

There are literally hundreds of different traffic sources. There is magazine advertising, Facebook pay per click, and many other social media channels, solo ads, Youtube, radio ads, direct mail, and many others.

The thing is – all of the channels work when done correctly.

So it is not how you reach your end prospect, it is that you reach the right prospect, right lead.

You could be spending lots of money on your advertising, but if you are targeting the wrong audience, the wrong demographics, the wrong gender, the wrong age, the wrong interest, it doesn’t matter how much you spend on advertising, or how cheap the clicks are. If you are targeting the wrong audience, they are not going to convert to buyers.

So the right question would be not so much what is the right traffic channel, but rather who is your audience and what media do they already consume and how do you reach them through that media.

Who are you reaching, who are your target audience?

When you know your ideal customer, pick one traffic method around your strength and just practice until you get really good at it.
Focus, block out every other traffic channel, all the other distractions and focus on that one traffic source.

Don’t take your focus off, until you get consistent results, until you get consistent traffic and consistent buyers. Focus on one traffic channel only.

If needed, tweak your ad. If your ad is bringing you the wrong prospect, adjust your targeting.
Keep on making adjustments until you get it right and scale up from there.