Why people fail in their businesses? Why is this a repetitive occasion for people who are trying to succeed but can’t? That reason could be that they can’t focus on one thing, one task, one skill long enough to see it¬†work. They move onto the next thing and so the circle continues.

What could help?

To have a very clear and definite purpose in your mind. It helps to had a tunnel vision only for a task at hand. You should learn to focus on the task at hand, and try to work in concentrated blocks of time.
If you don’t have clarity in your mind about what task you want to accomplish and with no clear amount of time allocated to that task, it becomes harder to concentrate on something, to focus on the important.

You need to ask yourself frequently: “Is what I’m doing right now moving my business forward?” If the answer to that question is NO, than you probably shouldn’t be spending much time on that task.
To have a tunnel vision focus takes practice too. Maybe you can start today, pick a task and concentrate on that task until it is completed … and do the same again.